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About Us

Meet Elaine Fiore, founder of the Food Conservation Alliance. Elaine's journey began as an environmental educator who witnessed a system which trained children to throw away perfectly good food in the school cafeteria. Her student's Food Waste Audit revealed students from their small school were throwing away approximately 52,000 unopened and unpeeled food items annually. She was charged to do something about it. Piloting the first share table program in Broward County Schools, she was able to utilize the cafeteria as a classroom teaching children the value of food, it's power to help reduce community hunger and protect our environment. Children empowered with the knowledge that our individual everyday decisions have a huge collective impact, returned home to teach their families.

It was obvious that all schools should have share tables, so Elaine began working to expand programs throughout the state.  She addressed an array of audiences at various conferences, webinars and meetings to raise awareness and lead others to take action. Through this work she met amazing leaders in food conservation from government agencies and non-profits to private industries.

After learning about the success of California's Food Waste Prevention Week, Elaine rallied up the network of state leaders to meet with the California group and discuss the possibility of hosting a Florida Food Waste Prevention Week.  Inspired by their work, our Florida collaborative were charged to make the idea a reality.  The mission to raise awareness and inspire behavior change to reduce food waste, and minimize environmental, social and financial impacts, has evolved into Florida Food Waste Prevention Week April 5-9, 2021. Elaine is proud to be spearheading this unprecedented team of public and private organizations to plan the event.

"We all witness food waste and feel badly about it because we innately understand the sacredness of food. However, most individuals do not understand the collective impact of our food waste. Forty percent of all food produced is thrown away. Food Waste Prevention Week raises awareness of this issue and most importantly shares simple changes we can all make in our daily lives that make a difference."